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Record   Sample ID Material Class   Chemical Information Spectral data
Shellac (purified) PK60400 Resins, balsams and wax Purified material obtained from the resinous secretion of the female insects Laccifer (Tachardia) lacca Kerr (Fam. Coccidae)
Orasol Pink 478 PK94405 Synthetic dyes 1:1 chromium complex
Alizarine PK94100 Synthetic dyes 1,2-Dihydroxyanthraquinone, C14H8O4
Fuchsin PK94110 Synthetic dyes Benzenamine,C20H20ClN3
Orasol Brown 324 PK94410 Synthetic dyes 1:2 chromium complex
Orasol Orange 272 PK94408 Synthetic dyes 1:2 chromium complex
Wax Dye Violet PK35350 Synthetic dyes Anthraquinone dye preparation, contains C.I. Solvent Violet 13
Orasol Orange 247 PK94406 Synthetic dyes 1:2 cobalt complex
Indigotine Blue PK94160 Synthetic dyes Indigocarmine, C16H8N2Na2O8S2
Orasol Blue 825 PK94414 Synthetic dyes Copper phthalocyanine dye, C18H18N2O2
Uranine PK94236 Synthetic dyes Fluorescein, C20H12O5
Indigo (synthetic) PK36009 Synthetic dyes Indigo class, C16H10N2O2
Sudan Black PK94210 Synthetic dyes Azo dye, C29H24N6
Alizarine Carmine PK94150 Synthetic dyes Sodium alizarine sulfate, C14H7NaO7S
Orasol Yellow 190 PK94404 Synthetic dyes 1:2 cobalt complex
Nigrosine PK94050 Synthetic dyes Sulfonated phenazine
Textile Dye Yellow PK345110 Synthetic dyes Novacron dye
Textile Dye Orange PK345130 Synthetic dyes Novacron dye
Textile Dye Blue PK345160 Synthetic dyes Novacron dye
Tartrazine PK94175 Synthetic dyes Azo dye tartrazine, C16H9N4Na3O9S2
Rhodamine B PK94900 Synthetic dyes Organic chloride salt, C28H31ClN2O3
Orasol Blue 855 PK94416 Synthetic dyes Phthalocyanine class
Colored Cristobalite Sand (smalt blue) PK58979 Unclassified materials Glazed, pigmented Luxovite stones
Obsidian Black PK11674 Unclassified materials Mineral black volcanic glass
Dralon Fiber PK59700 Unclassified materials Acrylonitrile polymeride with spin finish